Kingswood Village Treasure Hunt

The KVA Treasure Hunt was enjoyed (or endured) in the heat and sunshine on Saturday 30th June 2018 by 24 Teams, many of them with children who took part in our creative pictorial children's treasure hunt.

The of the Youngest member of The IT Team looking very pleased with his 1st Prize.

The Winners were: 
  1. 1st prize (42 points) went to Team IT comprising of Grand parents, Parents & 2 children.  A family that moved into the village area about 6 years ago with the grandparents visiting from Sussex for the Treasure Hunt and they won the picnic ruck sack set for 4 people.
  2. 2nd Prize ( 41 points) was taken by Team Shule accompanied by Dawn Hart England and they won the Hampton's Estate Agents Wine Cooler bag with a bottle of Wine Society Res & White kindly donated by Rod our treasurer.
  3. 3rd Prize (39 points) went to Team Willing who won the Raspberry Cream Victoria Sponge Cake kindly baked the morning of the Treasure Hunt by Alex Gambrill a regular supporter of village activities.
  4. 4th (39 points but in a slower time) The King Family.
  5. 5th  (36 points)Devine Brilliance a mother and daughter combination.
  6. 6th (33 points) Chris a local villager and supporter of all village activities, often seen taking the entrance money at The Village Fete!
  7. 7th  (31 points) Cider Me Up who placed an objection (humorously) which was over-ruled as other teams had answered the question correctly!
  8. 8th  (31 but in a slower time) On her own (Sally) who kept going to the bitter end.
  9. 9th (21 points) The Pirates. Dad & small son.
  10. 10th (19 points) Imad fighting the fact that English is his second language and he had just got back from Algeria, a journey from the Sahara to Kingswood taking 25 hours.
Not one question was left unanswered. At least on person answered a quiz question correctly within the task!!! 

Everyone who took part enjoyed themselves and the event was a great success - thank you to everyone who took part!

Additional thanks to Angela & Mike for their amazing support and for organizing the Children's Treasure Hunt , Ria for her scoring skills on a sweltering day and to our KVA guides Lucy, Chris and Bob who assisted our teams when they looked a little confused!

Please keep an eye out on our future event by  regularly checking our calendar page here.

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